Edging Massage

Edging is a technique to prolong arousal and increase sexual pleasure by maintaining arousal just below orgasm for prolonged periods of times.

The edging technique, when practiced with someone else,  involves paying attention the level of arousal, and developing the ability to know and comunícate to the other  when you are getting close to orgasm. When you approach orgasm, the other person tones down stimulation or stops touching, keeping you just under the threshold of orgasm.

Some people find the edging technique  effective and exciting, prolonging arousal and building up sensation towards a more intense orgasm. Other people can feel frustrated and don’t like the feeling of holding back  orgasm once and over. Try it for yourself and see how it feels. 

If you decide to try the edging massage, I will kindly start to massage all over your naked  body in an erotic way, you can relax and feel confident, then you will be able to leave it to flow and have a beautiful and intense experience. I will need your feedback to know when to stop or just tone down stimulation to avoid an orgasm, we will repeat this procedure as many times as posible. Let your body to express itself, focusing on breathing will help you to make the feelings even bigger. When the session comes to the end I will let you to reach an orgasm, you will feel like in heaven!

Servicio de masajes Hombre-Hombre

Man to man Massage Service